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We met on Twitter, interest piqued by each other’s profiles, and conversed about our shared passions and interests in 140 characters or less. We eventually did brunch to determine if virtual admiration would lead to in-person friendship. It did, and we continue to meet regularly over coffee and something sweet.

Jodi is a professional editor; Deborah is a chef. We both like to write for public consumption, and we both read — a lot. We find the term “blogger” ill fitting (the search is on for a bespoke identifier) and agree that there is an abundance of good food storytelling online — via narrative, recipes, and images — crafted by passionate amateurs like us. We’re publishing our favourite finds on the 1st and 15th of each month. Subscribe to either of our feeds to get our updates, and join in the hunt — leave a comment to tell us about your food-writing discoveries.


The perfect lunch in San Francisco from the Cowgirl Creamery at the Ferry Market. Their Red Hawk cheese is swoon worthy.

“Indeed, the home-baking market grew a whopping 84 percent between 2007 and 2012, according to Mintel.” The rise of the cake club. What are we waiting for Toronto!

“There’s a rhythm when I’m cooking [savory food]. I’m following a beat. In pastry there are all these pauses, breaks. I try to find/create rhythm in baking so that I can keep moving.” On our must visit list for NYC.

KCRW’s Good Food host Evan Kleiman makes a case for good old-fashioned research when it comes to seminal recipes. Knowing when to ditch the search-engine rankings and seek out the lessons of a master can make or break culinary results.

Many claim they cook as an expression of affection towards those they love. Molly Wizenburg muses on how the warmth of such a gesture can linger long after the dish has been consumed.

The recipe in this Happyolks piece is purely secondary, but sometimes that’s how it is with insightful food-writing. The more moving message here is to welcome the barreling storm, seizing on the nuggets of wisdom it shakes loose.

While we love good, heartfelt, and gutsy storytelling, we also like to geek out on occasion with the more technical side of food-writing. Dianne Jacob indulges us with her recent and excellent guide on writing and editing recipes for clarity and precision.


A Tuscan recipe for elderflower cordial that sounds luscious and tempting.

A seasonal tease from David Lebovitz. Is there such a thing as too many strawberry and rhubarb recipes?

…and more strawberries. We love recipes like this: seasonal and simple.

Patti Smith shares her recipe for lettuce soup from Just Kids.

“What started out as leftovers ended with none.” A sort-of frittata recipe from Ideas in Food.

A “Tipsy, Nutty, Chocolately Cake” from Delicious Days — with pink icing, even, if you’re so inclined.


A pie for when you know you’re right (or can’t admit you’re wrong).

Rotting fruit goes glam.

Dietlind Wolf conjures an elegant spread from simple new potatoes and fresh herbs.


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