Introducing “Sperm Meets Egg” Saturday!

It’s been a boring day, but I suppose I shouldn’t complain, as I’ve been aching for a chance to rest for the past week. Since I’m still adjusting to “real life” after my vacation, I really didn’t get enough sleep during the work week at all, and it’s kept me from writing a couple of terrific entries that have been brewing in my head for a while. I hope to get some real [blogging] work done tomorrow before the week starts all over again.

For those of you who haven’t noticed (and I think that includes mostly everybody), I’ve kept an archive of the little Sperm Meets Egg cartoons that I post below my blog title. It’s just something silly that I allow myself to have some fun with, and a new one used to get posted in the archive at 8:00AM EST every Monday. I have no idea why I initially picked Mondays, but I’ve decided that I like the sound of Sperm Meets Egg Saturdays much better. I’m just a sucker for alliteration.

The poll will be closing soon, for all of you who haven’t voted yet. Surprisingly, the most difficult part of updating this blog has been trying to think of new poll questions, which is one of the reasons I let them run for so long. But I’ve found them very worthwhile, especially since I’m almost always surprised by the results, so I’ll try my best to keep up with them.

I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming about the kind of content I want on my blog. I’ve got ideas for regular articles, but I’m not quite sure how to get started on them just yet. I’m still largely in my experimental phase of blogging, and I haven’t ruled out the possibility of creating a different blog altogether, so that I’ll have one for strictly personal stuff and one for strictly informational stuff about pregnancy in general. So far I’m content with the mix here, but I wonder if I do my readers a disservice by not separating the two. If you’ve got an opinion either way, I’d love to hear it.

Healthy Eating Strategies to Teach Your Kids


Teaching your kids the importance of healthy eating while they’re young will not only ensure they’re getting the proper nutrition they need to grow, it will help establish good habits for when they’re older and start making their own food choices. By sticking to healthy eating rules, your children will become accustomed to making better choices and will hopefully carry these lessons with them through life.

Involve Them When Deciding Meals

By giving your kids a choice of which vegetable to have with dinner or what type of healthy snack to have between lunch and dinner, they will feel more invested in what they’re eating and less like they’re being forced to eat something they don’t want. If they really hate one type of vegetable, give them the option of something they prefer and you’ll have far fewer battles at dinner time every night.

Make Healthy Food Fun

By cutting food into interesting shapes or making pictures out of the food on their plate, eating becomes a game that they’re now interested in participating in. Letting them help you prepare their food can also get them more excited for meal time because they may feel like they’re playing a bigger role and have made some of the decision regarding what they’ll be eating.

Lead By Example

Telling your children they aren’t allowed to eat ice cream while you’re sitting there with a big bowl of it probably won’t go over very well. When your kids see you eating the same things as them and having veggies as a snack instead of a bag of chips, they won’t question why they’re eating healthy food instead of anything else. If junk food just isn’t an option in your cupboards, your kids won’t be asking for the bag of chocolate chip cookies instead of the bowl of grapes.

Substitute for Healthy Alternatives

Giving them carbonated flavoured water instead of pop will still seem like a treat. Watering down their sugary juice will reduce the amount of sugar they’re consuming. Changing the white bread for whole grains will add some extra nutrition to their diet. By making small changes to the ingredients of all their meals, you’ll be sneaking healthy food in and they won’t even notice most of these changes. The more they become used to healthier alternatives, the easier it will be to establish healthy eating habits.

Memory Foam Dog Bed

I know you love your dog if you’re looking to buy a memory foam dog bed.  What better way to show your cherished friend how much you care Memory Foam Dog Bedthan with a gift of comfort that will last for years? A memory foam dog bed is a great choice for your dog, no matter what his age or condition.

Many people consider a memory foam dog bed as a treatment for their dog with arthritis and other joint problems, but it will also help your dog maintain her health by providing a comfortable, supportive surface for her to rest on.

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If you’re concerned your dog may suffer from arthritis, check out our Dogs With Arthritis article.  It gives you some signs to watch for and shares some information on arthritis treatment for dogs. Feel free to browse our website using the categories and tags in the sidebar to the right or continue reading below for information on how to choose the right memory foam dog bed for your companion.

The Benefits Of A Memory Foam Dog Bed

There are many wonderful benefits to purchasing a memory foam dog bed for your treasured friend. memory foam dog bed — chipThe memory foam’s open cell structure reacts to your pet’s body heat, molding to his body in just a few minutes.  It’s soft where he wants it but firm where he needs it.

It’s soft enough to provide comfort for your dog all night long yet it’s solid enough to satisfy his instinctual urge to sleep on the ground. Memory foam completely relieves the agonizing pressure points that cause your dog to toss and turn while cushioning his spine, joints, and bones.

According to studies, memory foam reduces a person’s tossing and turning by 90% and it can do the same for your four-legged friend. It helps reduce his aches and pains while increasing his overall circulation, helping him maintain his organs, joints, and tissue. A memory foam dog bed helps improve your dog’s blood flow, reducing the time it takes  to heal from injuries and recover from surgery.

In fact, many veterinarians are now recommending a memory foam dog bed to help dogs with recovery after surgery. Dogs use sleep to rebuild their bodies the same as we do.  And just like us, they need a full night of restful sleep to recover, wake up feeling refreshed, and move around with less pain and general discomfort.

A memory foam dog bed is also extremely resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria, mites, and other germs which cause odors and aggravate allergies. A good bed will give your furry friend a private space with a sense of security while insulating him from the floor.  It helps control the spread of dirt, dander, and dog hair while saving your furniture. You’ll save money by investing in a memory foam dog bed designed to last many years rather than replacing an average dog bed every year.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Memory Foam Dog Bed

memory foam dog bed — samIf your dog is anything like mine, you’ll find him sleeping in weird places and strange positions. Watching your dog sleep gives you a few hints you can use to choose the right kind of memory foam dog bed. Does your dog run straight for a nice soft place to lie down after coming in from an outdoor adventure?

Your dog probably needs the extra support.  You may find him sleeping on his side with his legs tucked in, or on his belly with his legs stretched out. You’ll want to buy him a rectangular memory foam dog bed so he has a lot of room to stretch out. When bedtime rolls around, do you find your pooch lying on her back, snoring and drooling all over YOUR bed?

Your pet will love a dog pillow stuffed with memory foam.  It will give her a soft place to crash with plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Do you come home and find your pup snuggled up against the back of the sofa, resting his head on the arm?  Or maybe you find her in your recliner, curled up with her nose touching her tail?

Your dog will prefer a memory foam dog bed with supportive walls or sides to snuggle up and nest in.  It helps her feel safe and secure. You should consider buying her a bolster dog bed, a dog pillow, or even a dog sofa bed. If your dog suffers from incontinence, buy a memory foam dog bed with a waterproof or water resistant cover.  It’s  much easier to clean up and will protect the memory foam.

Choosing The Right Size Memory Foam Dog Bed

A memory foam dog bed comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like your pet. Many are available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. Unfortunately, there aren’t any standard measurements for the various sizes.  Different manufacturers will recommend a medium bed for dogs of different weights and sizes.

To figure out the right size of memory foam dog bed, measure your dog from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail — then add 6 inches to it.  That should give your pup enough room to stretch out and relax in comfort.

Is A Memory Foam Dog Bed Worth The Cost?

A memory foam dog bed is more expensive than a cheap dog bed you can buy at Wal-Mart. But it’s also a high quality dog bed that will last for years and give your dog many nights of restful sleep.  You’ll remember the quality long after you’ve forgotten the price. Think of it as an investment.  An investment in your buddy’s comfort, health, and happiness.

Raw Honey Health Benefits And Recipes

So I’m kind of obsessed with raw honey lately. Raw means never heated, never filtered, never chemically or physically altered, straight from hard workin’ bees honey. Store-bought, free-flowing, crystal-clear honey is not raw honey. The clear honey that comes in a squeezy bear at your local grocery store has been micro-filtered and super-heated to increase shelf life and some of it can’t even really be classified as actual honey.


Raw honey contains vitamins, minerals and other superfood components. And I quote:

“Honey in its natural raw state contains 2 predominant natural sugars (Fructose and Glucose) 11 enzymes, 14 minerals, 21 amino acids, all the vitamins that nutritionists consider necessary for health A,D,K, Rutin, Nicotinic acid, B vitamins, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxine and Biotin as well as Ascorbid Acid (Vit. C.).”

Add in all the anecdotal evidence of raw honey healing the digestive tract and increasing nutrient absorption…this stuff looks to be quite the multivitamin/multimineral supplement in sweet disguise. Just a spoonful of honey help the nutrients go down.

Raw Honey

Raw honey can replace expensive beauty products. I should have Jessi write an in depth article about honey for beauty uses. For now though, supposedly raw honey helps balance the pH of the skin to levels that fight aging. I do know that raw honey is anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-viral and contains lots of bioavailable minerals, all good things and no fake crap for the skin.

Buying Local raw honey supports local farmers and is effective for seasonal allergy relief. Raw honey contains bee pollen. When you buy honey from local farmers this means that your honey contains the pollen produced by local plants. This pollen acts like a vaccine, inoculating your system against seasonal allergies. I myself have seen the allergy benefits

In this study endurance athletes liked honey even more than their highly-prized gel packs.

The study indicates that using honey as a carbohydrate source during exercise significantly improved performance and power during endurance cycling trials.

Using honey, especially the raw variety seems like an obvious choice for athletes due to readily available sugars, an abundance of vitamins and minerals and other anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Traditionally used for wound care and to promote healing, raw honey is increasingly being used nowadays to heal severe burns, treat internal ulcers, as an antiseptic wound treatment and even as an acne spot treatment! Honey has been shown to be MORE effective than the current standard burn treatment, silver sulfadiazine, while being completely natural and containing all those nutrients mentioned above.

Known to increase energy levels before exercise, raw honey is also a proven natural sleep aid. The natural sugar in honey helps keep blood glucose levels steady throughout the night thereby avoiding the release of stress hormones mid-snooze. The small insulin spike that accompanies a spoonful of raw honey also signals insulin to deliver tryptophan to the brain where it is converted into melatonin. Melatonin promotes the release of growth hormone during sleep which is necessary for muscle development, bone protection and tissue repair.

Raw honey is freaking delicious. Props are due to for this eye (and mouth) candy:

With it, you can really expand upon the ever growing list of “paleo” and other other real food recipes. Raw honey is most definitely a source of simple sugars so moderation needs to be exercised. But as you read above, it’s not all about the sugar. Cooking with raw honey will destroy some of the important enzymes and vitamins it contains but even when combining raw honey with high heat, you’re still using a far less processed and more nutritious option than any other sweetener on the market today.

I will be attempting the Raw Vanilla Ice Cream from Honey Pacifica (from Cali but as pure as you can get) ASAP thanks to a steady supply of raw milk from the farmers market downtown. (That I feed to my dog of course since raw milk is illegal in North Carolina… winky face!)

The “raw honey” tag at Pale OMG is a dangerous query. Only perform this search under the supervision of someone that can prevent you from eating your computer. All those goodies might be “paleo” but you and I both know that you should not be eating Apple Fritters for breakfast Carrot Cake Doughnuts for dinner… at least not every day…. double winky face!

Random google finds: Honey Roasted Red Potatoes, Honey Mustard Chicken, Spicy Honey-Glazed Bacon, Chipotle Honey Pulled Pork.

For any of you lucky enough to have access to local raw honey and raw grass fed yogurt, combine the two in a bowl with a dash of cinnamon and vanilla extract for a quick superfood snack.

And for even more honey food porn, here’s a modern list of raw honey delights brought to you by Kenny G.

That’s all I got on honey of the raw variety right now. How do you use honey?

Lemonade Cleansing Diet

Lemonade Cleansing Diet – Detox Your Body Naturally and Safely

If you want something that can completely detoxify you the safest and most effective way, you should turn to lemonade cleansing diet. The diet I am talking about is completely laid out in Master Cleanse Secrets.

In this present world we’re living in, one simply can’t afford to get sick. Everything is expensive especially the cost of medicines and treatments. One effective way to avoid ailments is through natural means like detoxification. It is the process of cleaning the body naturally. It involves the removal of harmful toxins especially in the intestines, urinary system, respiratory system, and even the skin.

Toxins are very dangerous and they are a threat to your overall wellness. They are the major causes of diseases in the human body, Toxins build up in the different body systems and once they are not removed, they clog the arteries and prevent the normal circulation of blood which delivers the nutrients to all cells in the body. To prevent toxins from building up, you have to come up a master cleanse diet which can out an end to toxins before they do further damage. An effective way to do this is by regularly detoxifying your body. The lemonade cleansing diet aims to do just that and more. It is also designed to boost your immune system and protect the body from ailments.


Most of these cleanse smart diet includes consumption of fruits and vegetables which are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. It is advised to drink plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables juices. In addition, you may also opt to take supplements, like those of natural herbs and plant extracts. You should also avoid eating food high in fat and empty calories which can only add more toxins in the body. Organic food products are also the best choice since they are not exposed to chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. Another great addition to detox is drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday.

There are so many diets out there which you may apply in your own life. However, if you want something that can completely detoxify you the safest and most effective way, you should turn to lemonade cleansing diet.